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We urgently need media skills to help create videos and sound recordings for use as public service announcements on radio and television stations. If you have media skills, or if you work at a radio or television or other media facility, we need you.


Our first priority  is a national media campaign combining two highly focused goals.

The first goal is creating national awareness of the destruction of America's education of math and the physical or 'hard' sciences, the resulting shortage of skills vital to the survival of America as an independent nation, and communicating the urgency of immediately curing the situation.

The second goal is to raise funds for our University so we may begin educating the 3,000,000 math and science teachers necessary to rebuild America's leadership in technology.

The challenge is how to interweave these two goals into print, radio and television public service announcements which will captivate viewers and inspire them to become involved in the new American renaissance.

We must inspire the public, and inspire the members of today's media to embrace the rebirth of American education!

Current opportunities include the following. If you are interested in becoming involved in any way, no matter how little time you may have available, please read about the following opportunities.

Radio Professionals Television Anchors, Producers & Cameramen Print Reporters, Journalists & Editors High School Students High School Teachers College Journalism & Media Students College Journalism & Media Instructors & Professors

Please email us at:   comments@fluni.com

If you prefer, you may write on paper to: Mail to: Frank Lynch University™, PO Box 3508, Tequesta, Fl  33469


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